Are Supplements Good or Bad? A Review...


Whats so bad about taking supplements?

Actually, nothing. Supplements are great to fill in the gaps of our diets. They can provide us energy, help build muscle and prevent deficiencies. So why do some get such a bad rap?

My advice is that taking a multivitamin is never a bad idea. We can always use a little bit of insurance when it comes to making sure we are getting all of our nutrients.

For women of childbearing age, a multi with iron may be beneficial if she is iron deficient. Women who are a bit older may benefit from a multi that has a higher calcium content for bone health. Either of these is only necessary if she is at risk for developing anemia or osteoporosis, respectively.


As far as taking a specific vitamin, mineral, herb, oil, etc. Most have upper intake limits that are well above what any normal person can consume, so it’s really hard to take too much. It’s possible, just really hard. Toxicity is more common in minerals and fat-soluble vitamins because the body does not excrete them as rapidly as water-soluble vitamins. It’s should be noted that more doesn’t always equal better. For example, taking one 500mg pill of Vitamin C isn’t necessarily worse than taking 4 of them (2000mg). If your body only needs 800mg of Vitamin C you’re going to excrete the rest out, and quite honestly, you’ll just have really expensive pee. That's why its good ideas start off with a low dosage then increase it from there if they feel it’s necessary.

It should also be noted that any supplement is just that, it’s meant to supplement a well-balanced diet and not entirely replace it. A person should strive to get their nutrients from who foods as they are most readily metabolized by the body, not their synthetic counterparts. A balanced diet should provide a person with all the nutrients they need. Make sure to always read the labels to make sure you know what you’re consuming.


Unfortunately, supplements are not regulated by the FDA, every bottle will have a disclaimer stating this, so manufacturers can include anything they want in the ingredients. One such ingredient is shark cartilage, dried from the cartilage skeleton of a shark. The claim is that can slow down or prevent tumor growth since sharks don’t get cancer. There haven’t been studies completed to undoubtedly prove this, yet many supplements include this as an ingredient.

So, no supplements are not bad. They can actually be very good for you if you need them. Just be careful of the ingredients in the pills and always take the recommended dosage.

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