Top Probiotic-Rich Foods

Probiotics are little “good bacteria” that help your body do the things it needs to do. Like absorbs nutrients from your gut and…umm.. the other thing you do in the bathroom. There are hundreds of probiotic supplements on the market that can help you achieve an optimal level of guy microflora but in an effort to save you some money ( ‘cus those things can get to be expensive) here are some foods that contain probiotics in them. Some of them you may eat already.!

Probiotics in food usually come from those that are fermented. The fermentation process of some of our favorite foods creates "good" bacteria that are beneficial to our gut microflora.


The two that are most popular are yogurt and kefir. Both made from dairy products these two probiotic rich foods are great in smoothies, or on their own. You can also mix these with fruit and made yummy popsicles and frozen yogurt for a tasty treat. Mixing berries in with your yogurt will give you a great one-two punch as the berries hav added fiber to help your gut health AND when the fiber is in your stomach it helps to produce even more good bacteria! Yogurt and berries can also help to burn belly fat as the added fiber helps to speed up your metabolism


Other probiotic-rich foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut are primarily made from cabbage and are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Kimchi and sauerkraut are usually sides to other strongly flavored dishes but help aid in digestion when eaten. Adding one of these on top of a hot dog or sausage is customary but they also go well on top of salads!


Pickles are a great source of probiotics because of their fermentation process in vinegar. When the pickles begin to ferment the carbohydrates and sugars make a gut healthy condiment. Pickles are great by themselves, on a sandwich, as a relish and even tossed in a salad. I've heard of some pretty interesting ways that people like to eat pickles so the possibilities are endless. You can even drink the juice!

What are some probiotic food that you like to eat? List them below!