3 Best Foods To Burn Belly Fat

Foods such as whole fruits, whole vegetables, and whole grains tend to make a person feel fuller longer and contribute to the loss of belly fat. They mostly contain ample amounts of fiber that slow down digestion and increase the thermic effect of food (your body uses more energy to break the food down and burns more calories).


1- Green Tea

Green tea contains bioactive properties including caffeine and compound called EGCG that can have positive effects on the metabolism. The ingredients in green tea can increase the metabolism for multiple hours after drinking just one cup.

Be sure to take in to account the caffeine content and drink it when you know you’re going to be awake for a while.


2- Yogurt

Yogurt contains beneficial "good" bacteria that can kill off "bad" bacteria and aid in reducing abdominal bloating. Greek yogurt is even better in that it contains a good source of protein to keep you fuller, longer.

There are so many ways that yogurt can be paired to make it a tasty treat.

You can

  • put fruit in it

  • make a smoothie

  • freeze it for frozen yogurt


3- Berries

Berries are packed with fiber that helps you feel fuller quicker and longer. The fiber also helps to prevent blood sugar spikes. They also contain less sugar than most fruits so you can snack happy and healthy. Berries can help fight the bulge because the fiber also helps to move things along the digestive track, effectively “cleaning you out” to help you lose weight faster.

Berries are great on their own, as part or a salad, in a smoothie or baked in to breads and waffles!

What are your favorite fat busting foods? Comment below!