HEX Performance - Review & Giveaway!

A few months ago I posted to my YouTube channel about this laundry detergent that I pretty much swore by to help my gym clothes smell fresh. As someone who is literally in the gym EVERY DAY (but only washing clothes once a week) my clothes started smelling really bad. Even after a wash I could still smell the sweat that, by that time, had seemingly baked itself into my clothes.



Anyway, I found HEX at Target and it was somewhere around $8 so I was like “What the heck, lets try it out for size”. This was back in December '17/January '18 and I was hooked!

I tried their Single Dose Detergent pods in the Fresh Scent first and, yall, it's legit! I don’t know how they did it but my clothes came out smelling so fresh and so clean. The light/faint scent lasted for days and even stayed a bit during and after my workout. So my laundry ended up smelling a lot better as well!   Did I mention it was under $10? Yeh, ok, I just wanted to make sure I made that point!


When I ran out of the single dose I tried the HEX liquid detergent in the Fresh Scent and it still lives up to the hype. What I love about the liquid one is that as you use the product the bag starts to flatten out so:

  1. You know how much you have left.
  2. You know you’re getting every last drop.

Because if you’re like me, you will try to scrape every last bit of product out of a container before you need to buy a new one. (You know you do it too!)


Since then, HEX has been generous enough to let me try out their On Demand+ Spray & Go.  Its a spray to help clean and deodorize anything that cant be put in the wash every week (or at all).  I’ve been using this on my gym bag, shoes and yoga mats to just give them a pick-me-up and to deodorize them. Again, it didn’t disappoint and to be honest I spray my shoes every day with the On Demand+!  *Ya'll I sweat a lot, like A LOT and the spray just helps to keep that foot funk at bay. ;-) *

The spray comes out in a fine, very lightly scented mist. You just spray and walk away!


I took the On Demand Spray on a trip recently to let me friends try it. 


Needless to say, it was a HIT! We had a blast on our mini photo shoot!

They also let me try out the non-scented version of the liquid. It works just as well as the scented version without leaving a scent to irritate those with sensitivities. 

I posted another video on my channel about the On-Demand Spray and the liquid form of the detergent on my channel so check that out too! And subscribe, but you already knew to do that!

the giveaway-aka-FREE STUFF...

So here comes the BIG NEWS! Since I love HEX so much, I want you to try it too.

So I have been able to host a giveaway sponsored by HEX to give you all some great prizes!

There will be:

  • (1)  one grand prize winner of the full-sized HEX single dose pods
  • (5) five winners of a sample size detergent pods.



That’s it. Simple!

The giveaway will be open from 5/7/18-5/18/18. Then the winners will be chosen on 5/20/18!